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Crescent Toys

Crescent Toys was a well-regarded British toy manufacturing company set up in 1922 by Henry Eagles and Arthur Schneider in Mr Eagles' garage in Islington, north London where they manufactured a range of lead figures

When Henry Eagles died in 1942, his son Harry took over and moved the business to South Wales to be operational in 1952.  He expanded their collection to include high quality model soldiers, die cast metal sports cars and Grand Prix racing cars and various hollow cast figures. Henry Eagles is often reported as being known as Harvey but that was actually the name of the family pet dog (a chow)!

The factory did run some Crescent lines marked as Harvey from late 1949 to 1952 while the company was in the process of moving to South Wales. These were mainly lead figures made in the London factory and included cowboys and Indians, military and farming figures

Crescent was particularly admired for making a series of fabulously detailed dioramas depicting various shops, including a butchers, barbers, fish and chip shop and milk bar as well as a children’s hospital and a classroom from 1950's Britain. Henry Eagles brother, Frank, was not only responsible for modelling many of the figures but also for much of the original artwork for the iconic Crescent boxes. The other brother, Ernie, was Production Director; a real family business.

After the move, the London Harvey production was sold on to Lone Star which was born out of DCMT (Die Cast Machine Tools).

Crescent plastic figures were well into production in the 1950s and, whilst some lead production continued, by the end of the decade it had all but ended. The company finally closed its doors in 1981

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