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There were a number of companies that made good quality hollowcast lead products in the first half of the twentieth century. Many items cannot be linked to a specific manufacturer being just marked "France" or "Made in France" but some did use initials to identify their goods:

The Simon & Rivollet Company was an old French toy manufacturer in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Their items are usually marked with " MADE IN FRANCE" and the initials “SR”

Blancherie Fréres manufactured hollow cast lead figures in France from 1920 to the late 1940s. Their products are identified by the initials "BF"

Georges Munkle was born in Germany but moved to France in the early 1920s. He founded the "Etablissements Georges Munkle", commonly known as G.M, in Paris in 1924. The company ceased trading in 1958.

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