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this is a very rare pair of figures depicting Mickey and Minnie Mouse by Phillip Segal Toys. Any Phillip Segal figures are hard to find but the rarity of this specific pair is based on the understanding that the company did not have Disney's permission to make these figures and therefore very few sets were made before production was ordered to be stopped. 

Both figures are black with cream faces and upturned black noses with open mouths showing a red tongue. Mickey wears mid-blue top and shorts with white buttons. He is standing with his hands on his hips and wears red/brown boots. Minnie wears a matching mid-blue dress with white spots and white frilly pantaloons below her frilly skirt. She has white pointy shoes

Mickey is in very good completely original condition. Minnie is also in very good original condition apart from one replaced leg and foot. Both figures have only very minor loss of the rare original paint. 

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