Barrett & Son Pixie Tree House complete set, first version


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This rare original Barrett and Son Pixie Tree House set includes the first version house with the open door and two large windows with white window sills that make it look like a face with a pair of closed eyes with a wide open mouth. It has a red tiled roof and chimney and sits in a grassy mound. The two boughs are complete with the original owl in place on one (still on his original peg) and there is a swing hanging from the other with a seated pixie. What makes this set extra special is it includes the very rare pairing of a pixie tending a sunflower and a pixie with a spade as well as a pixie seated on a log and standing pixie with one arm out - a total of five original pixie figures, all wearing red trousers and hats with green jackets. There are also three original open rustic fences.

A unique version of the Pixie Tree House that was illustrated on p. 89 of "Hollowcast Toy Figures" by Norman Joplin and Philip Dean as a boxed tableau, the box lid included the poem: "Only in the dead of night, Do pixies ever work and play, You might see them in the bright moonlight, But never in the light of day"

all items are in very good to excellent original condition with only tiny areas of paint loss 

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