Britains Ardala from the Buck Rogers series


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This is a rare Britains figure of Ardala from the Buck Rogers series. Princess Ardala was girlfriend to Killer Kane (Buck Roger's main nemesis). The master mould for Ardala was made in 1935 and the Buck Rogers figures were made under licence for John Dille and Company in the USA. All figures were available singly through Woolworth stores in the USA and were available as premium offers in return for collecting Cream of Wheat tokens from the cereal packets and sending in to John Dille newspapers.

This Britains Ardala wears green hooded top, shorts and mustard yellow tights with a black harness. Her left arm is raised and her movable right arm holds a black gun. Marked clearly on base for MADE IN ENGLAND and J DILLE & CO

Manufacturer reference 975 / 324B

Figure in very good original condition and arm moves freely. Just missing left hand

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