Britains Racing Colours Famous Owners: Lord Derby


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Lord Derby, Edward Stanley, 17th Earl of Derby followed in the family tradition and was one of the most prominent owner breeders during the first half of the 20th century. The Epsom Derby was named after the 12th Earl while the Epsom Oaks was named after the 12th Earl's house near Epsom. Not only did he breed and own the winners of 20 Classics, but the 17th Earl's horses became in their turn the most influential horses in the stud book to the present day.

Jockey wears his colours of all black long sleeve top and white / cream cap. Riding a pre-war bay horse with two white socks.

Manufacturer reference RC 237

Jockey in very good original condition with some minor paint loss and whip top missing. horse in good original condition with some small areas of paint loss

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