Charbens The Travelling Zoo Set


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This Charbens Travelling Zoo Set No.22 was issued in the early to mid 1950s. It consists of two wheeled cages with red beds, solid metal wheels and yellow roofs hooked together and pulled by an walking elephant wearing a red blanket edged with gold via a yellow shaft. The bars of the cage are unpainted and one side of each cage is hinged at the top to allow the animals to be placed inside. There are three hollow cast animals: one beige lion in one cage and two white polar bears in the other. Both the cage bases are marked with CHARBENS and MADE IN ENGLAND. Total length is just under 300mm. The set is completed by a zookeeper in blue uniform

Overall the set is in very good condition for its age with some minor metal fatigue that has caused two upright bars from one cage to break off. There are broken lugs on one cage where it fits into the base but it still balances OK and could be easily glued into place. There is some minor paint loss to the elephant, mainly where the shafts attach, and to the animals; one polar bear has a tiny hole to front left shoulder. The zoo keeper is lightly crazed.

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