Kieler flat soldiers, boxed


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great German pre-war set of flat soldiers from Kieler - total of 35 pieces comprising: ten with pitchforks over their shoulders; two standard bearers - one with a red standard with blue cross, the other black (unpainted?); two walking drummers; mounted nobleman with red cloak and hat with blue plume; mounted nobleman with sash and plumed hat with raised sword;two flautists; two noblemen with raised lances and one with dropped lance and raised arm; six foot soldiers with outstretched sword and carrying a musket; seven foot soldiers carrying rifles. The brown box, with original straw and paper, is complete with red printed label "Kieler Qualitats Zinnfiguren" (translated literally as: kieler miniatures quality certificate) with printed number 645 and some other copy that is very feint


all figures in excellent condition,with some extended weapons a little bent but easiy straightened as the lead is quite soft, just one rifle butt missing. The box is complete with old staples in corners of lid with just a small area marked where old label removed. Overall box and label a bit grubby

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