Kieler Swedish musketeers advancing, boxed


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great evocative set of 19 pre-war German manufactured flat figures of Swedish musketeers advancing. Relates to the period of the 30 Years' war in the early 17th century. 15 of the figures are on foot with weapons by their sides and shouldered pitchforks. The other three foot soldiers comprise one carrying a pike staff, another a musket and a third a staff. There is also an elaborate standard bearer and a general on horseback. All but one figure is wearing the light blue and yellow colours of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. All in original brown box with unattached Kieler label and inner straw and paper dividers


very good - excellent overall condition. Some staffs / pitchforks / muskets slightly bent due to soft nature of the material but only one broken off. Some contemporary writing to box label but all complete

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