Luntoy Sooty with xylophone


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This is a Luntoy version of Sooty shown playing the xylophone. He measures 5.5cms high and is wearing his trademark light blue trousers and braces. The Sooty name can be seen on the front of the xylophone

In July 1948 Harry Corbett, an amateur magician, bought a bear puppet from the local toy shop to entertain his sons, Matthew and David, whilst on holiday. Then known as Teddy, he would do little magic tricks that enthralled the children. Harry then decided to enter a BBC talent show in 1952 and blackened the bear’s nose and ears with soot – leading to his name Sooty. A TV star was born and his catch phrase was “izzy, wizzy, let’s get busy”

very good original condition with only very minor paint loss 

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