Sacul Rob Roy set, boxed, very rare


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very rare Sacul Rob Roy boxed set based on the 1953 Walt Disney film "Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue" starring Richard Todd and Glynis Johns. Rob Roy was the nickname of Robert Roy MacGregor, a famous Scottish folk hero and outlaw of the early 18th century, who is sometimes known as the Scottish Robin Hood.

Set comprises the figures of Rob Roy with targe (or shield) and claymore (or sword) confronting a redcoat trooper brandishing a sabre. The two figures are contained in a two-part colour illustrated box.

Despite the illustration on the box, Rob Roy does not have a hat. There is no evidence of one in any historical sales and the redcoat's hat is intrinsic to the casting

both figures are in very good original condition with minimal paint loss. The two-part box is complete but a little faded to red on sides

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