Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty circus performing horse and lady rider


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Albert Schoenhut was a third generation wood carver, born in Germany, who established his toy factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1872 for making wood toys; his first toy was a piano.  It's believed the first dolls copyrighted in 1903 were for the Humpty Dumpty Circus including lady and gentleman acrobats, lion tamer, lady circus rider and a ringmaster. 

This is a Schoenhut Humpty Dumpty circus performing horse and lady rider. The lady rider wears an emerald green tunic and pink gathered skirt. The performing horse is white with black painted mane and string tail. He has a round cushion saddle on his back. His stringing is complete and allows him to adopt a number of positions. 

Horse in very good original condition with only a couple of tiny paint marks. The lady rider is in good plus condition with some minor paint loss to face; she is floppy so will not stand unaided. Her costume is grubby and the skirt has lost its elasticity in the waist but I have used a transparent elastic band and displays well. 

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