Taylor & Barrett ARP stirrup pump set


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A complete Taylor & Barrett ARP (Air Raid Precautions) stirrup pump set. The ARP were organised by the national government during World War II and delivered by the local authorities. Their role was to protect civilians from the danger of air raids by patrolling the streets to ensure the black out was observed, reporting bomb damage to the emergency services and handing out gas marks.

This set comprises three figures: a female ARP warden operating a stirrup pump, another female warden and a man carrying two buckets. The first warden is wearing a pale grey jacket and skirt and her right arm is priming the stirrup pump in a bucket of water, ready to apply to any fires. The second woman is in a green suit with her arms outstretched. The man is wearing brown trousers and waistcoat with a pale blue shirt with rolled up sleeves. He carries two red buckets, one in each cupped hand.

manufacturer reference 214

all pieces in very good original condition with only a few very minor paint chips

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