Taylor & Barrett Brewer's Dray set, boxed


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This is the Taylor & Barrett Brewer's Dray set rather than the more common FG Taylor version. It comprises a brown articulated cart with red wheels, that has swivel function, pulled by a white cart horse along with drayman, seat, five beer barrels and ladder. There is no sign on this set; it is not missing but was not intended - there are no holes on the frame for it. The seated drayman wears white shirt and dark cap with light grey full-length apron and he has a movable right arm with whip. Contained in two-part brown box with illustrated label

all in very good original condition with only minor paint loss and a small ding to one of the barrels. the drayman's whip top is a later replacement. The box is in good plus condition with the label missing in places. The drayman has a painted number under his seat made by a previous owner. one barrel has slight paint loss

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