Taylor & Barrett Roman Chariot, boxed


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From the Taylor & Barrett Roman Range comes this boxed Roman Chariot set comprising a cream Roman chariot with green garland and a T-bar shaft is designed to sit over the back of two black horses. Chariot is embossed underneath with "T & B, Made in England, Copyright". It is driven by a charioteer in reddish brown toga with orange trim who carries a whip in his outstretched right hand and is marked "T & B Copyright" underneath. Contained in two-part first issue brown box with illustrated lid label that wraps around edges. It has correct "Roman Chariot black" marking to refer to the colour of horses

All figures in very good original condition with only some minor paint loss. Box in good plus original condition with some wear to edges of label and parts missing but printed section all still complete. Old water or similar damage to part of plain bottom of box

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