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Timpo Big Game Hunting set

Product image 1Timpo Big Game Hunting set
Product image 2Timpo Big Game Hunting set
Product image 3Timpo Big Game Hunting set
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this Timpo Big Game hunting set comprises two elephants: one walking with trunk down, being ridden by a mahout and carrying a gold howdah with blue interior that contains a seated big game hunter with rifle; and the other charging with trunk raised being ridden by a mahout and carrying a gold howdah with red interior containing a maharaja in green jacket and red trousers with a white turban. To complete the set there are two tigers, one wounded (with a hole to locate an embedded spear) and the other crouching plus four native beaters wearing different colour loin cloths and turbans

all figures and both howdahs are in very good original condition with only some very minor paint loss. There is a small fracture to the left ear area of the unwounded tiger.  Both elephants are in very good original condition with complete tusks. The spear that should be embedded in the wounded tiger is missing

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